Saturday, November 13, 2010

Handwoven Vest w/ Knitted Collar

The idea for the vest I'm currently weaving was sparked by a vest I designed last summer.  

I used the same yarns for warp and weft and the accent yarns were three color related yarns by Trendsetter.  After weaving and finishing the yardage, I pulled threads on the fronts leaving a gap along the edge where I could insert my knitting needle and pick up stitches for the knitted collar.  This created a very neat, flat transition between the knitting and the woven fabric.  The collar is garter stitch using the three knitting yarns in random order.
Because knitting yarns are often too stretchy to use for warp (they need to withstand a lot of tension),  this was a interesting way to incorporate them into my weaving.  I crocheted a button loop on the right front and found just the right button to finish the vest. 

This is an idea I would like to explore more in the future.  How about you?  Have you found any interesting ways to combine weaving and knitting?

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