Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Haute Handbags Magazine, "Crackle"

The latest issue, Spring 2011, of Haute Handbags magazine is scheduled to hit the newsstands April 1st, and I'm thrilled to have an article about my handwoven shoulder bags in it!  I met Beth Livesay, managing editor, last October at Artistic License Fair where I was a vendor.  She invited me to submit the handbags for consideration and, after acceptance by the editorial committee, I wrote two articles.  
Photo by Stampington & Company
The first article is about my introduction to weaving and  the use of color in designing the handbags.  
Photo by Stampington & Company
  Because Haute Handbags had never featured a handwoven handbag, Beth asked me to write a second article explaining the weaving process.  To illustrate the article, I took photos as I began another project, and am pleased that they are included with my article.  

My hope is that readers of Haute Handbags will be inspired to seek out a weaving teacher and add to the growing number of weavers in the world! 

For more information about this issue of Haute Handbags, visit: 

It's a gorgeous, colorful issue!



  1. Eeeeek!!! That is so exciting - your piece looks just beautiful. Congratulations!!

  2. Congrats Sarah! I do enjoy working with you. Love your art. Cannot wait to see more. Cheers!

    1. Beth - so interesting to find you here! Though not too surprising considering the subject. Wonderful weaving inspiration in this blog. Thanks to Sarah! ~mindy m

    2. Hi Mindy, Your lovely compliment is much appreciated. Thank you!