Sunday, October 23, 2011

Handwoven magazine November/December 2011

The latest issue of Handwoven magazine arrived last week, and I'm very pleased that the pillows I designed for the Profile Draft Weave-Along are in it!  I am truly appreciative of the opportunity to have my work in Handwoven again.  Editor Madelyn van der Hoogt and her staff do an outstanding job of presenting the work of a variety of artists/designers, and the magazine is always a pleasure to see and read. 
All images by Handwoven magazine.
The third page shows the opposite sides of the three pillows.  Difficult to see here, but in fact, my favorite sides as they are darker, richer colors.
One thing you might notice is the use (again!) of those reds and golds and rusts I love.  Am I in a color rut?  Nah...I just love the colors of Fall!

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