Saturday, May 28, 2011

Swedish Lace Tunics, Handwoven Magazine May/June 2011

Photo by Handwoven magazine
The latest issue of Handwoven magazine includes two tunics I designed using Swedish Lace for the border and sleeves.  I loved weaving the creamy white fabric and was very happy with the resulting soft, drapeable hand after it was washed and pressed.   Curious to see how it would look in another color, I wove fabric for a second tunic using colors called strawberry and clay. 
Photo by Handwoven magazine
This one I made with a three-quarter length sleeve which I like almost as much as the longer version.

It has been a great encouragement having my work published in Handwoven four times out of the last five issues.  That record will be hard to top!  Currently, I'm working on an idea for the profile draft I discussed in the previous post.  More on that will follow!

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