Thursday, November 11, 2010

Handwoven Vest & Recycled Sari Silk

Welcome I'm so glad you're here.   I'm passionate about weaving, color, and texture.  I also love to knit, dye silk fabrics, and have recently begun designing reconstructed clothing. 

I belong to a local weaving guild, South Coast Weavers & Spinners Guild, and one thing I like best about the guild (in addition to it's variety of wonderful people) is the Show-and-Tell portion of our monthly meetings.  I plan to expand that concept here by showing some of my weaving projects as they happen.  Currently, I'm working on fabric for a long vest.  The warp is a combination of rayon baby rikrak and a cotton, rayon, flax blend that is quite slubby (is that a word?).   The weft is the same with the addition of yarn accents that are recycled sari silk.  

Here are a couple photos of the warping and weaving process:

Now back to the loom!


  1. WOW, very impressive - so glad you have joined the blogging world!

  2. Your comment about "texture" hits home...gotta feel it, touch it and see something other than a flat plane... Love it!