Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One Scarf, Three Ways!

I'm working on a series of embellished scarves for a couple of shows in October and November.  The scarf is the first design I had published in Handwoven magazine (September/October 2010).
Page from Handwoven magazine article
The scarves are easy to weave, and I usually warp my loom for three at a time.  Once the scarves are removed from the loom, I twist the fringe, then wash, dry, and press.  The ribbon embellishment is then added, and that's when things get more interesting!  There are a lot of wonderful knitting ribbons available and I use them to give each scarf a unique look.

Here are three scarves woven exactly alike, embellished with three different ribbons:

The next three that I wove presented a different challenge.  I had yarn I wanted to use for the scarves but only one ribbon with colors that worked well with it.  In this case I needed to change the woven part of the scarf to make each one unique.

If you look closely in the photograph, you can see that one scarf was woven with green weft, and the other was woven with a rusty orange. 
The effect is subtle, but definitely creates a difference since I'm using the same ribbon for embellishing.

The third scarf (unfinished), was woven with a greyed lavender which you can see here in the spaces left for attaching the ribbon:
I'll finish this one later today.  Meanwhile, two shades of red are on the warping board and ready to go on my loom.  Can't wait to see how they'll look with the ribbons I have!

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