Friday, December 2, 2011

Cotton Clouds Kits Again!

It's been great to have the support and encouragement of Irene Schmoller, owner of Cotton Clouds.  She now has kits available for the pillows I designed for the most recent issue of Handwoven.  Great for weavers to be able to buy just the amount of yarn they need instead of full cones of eleven different colors!

From Cotton Clouds  website:

Aurora Earth Turned Twill Pillows

Weave 3 coordinating pillows in 8/2 Aurora Earth cotton.

Pillow 1: Yellow-Orange
Pillow 2: Orange-Red
Pillow 3: Red-Brown

Designed so that no two pillows are exactly alike. You start with a three color warp changing the weft colors for each pillow making your weaving project more interesting with a burst of color for each pillow.

This project is featured in the Handwoven Nov/Dec 2011 magazine which you will need for all the warping, weaving and finishing instructions. Be sure to order this Handwoven magazine if you don't already have this issue.
Weave on any 8-shaft loom, 25" weaving width; 12 dent reed; 2 shuttles, 3 bobbins.

Kit makes 3 pillows 20" x 20" each.

Designer: Sarah H. Jackson

As Irene says, "Have fun weaving pillows"!