Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Diversified Plain Weave Tote Bag

Diversified plain weave is typically woven with two sizes of thread, one being four or five times as heavy as the other. While sampling for a vest I plan to weave in diversified plain weave, I wondered what would happen if the two threads were closer in size.  I wove another sample with the thinner thread about half the weight of the other.  The result is this tote bag.
 Here is a photo of the fabric on the loom,
  and a close up of the weave structure.
 It's always interesting to see what happens to the fabric when it's wet-finished.  These yarns are cotton, so they shrink quite a bit and bloom when washed. This photo was taken after washing, drying, and pressing. You can see how the shapes in the cloth become more defined.
The fabric for the handles and top edges was woven on the same warp, different treadling. You see it here in a shot of the inside of the bag.
The pattern I used for the bag is a Japanese design (featured on the cover) from the book "Carry Me; 20 Boutique Bags to Sew". 
From the book: "Designed with shopping at flea markets and antique fairs in mind, this bag is especially roomy. Its deep side slits allow the bag to open wide, accommodating anything you want to toss in there." I guess it's time to head to the flea market!


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