Sunday, January 29, 2012

4 Block, 4 Shaft Summer & Winter in Bambu 7

It's been awhile since my last post, but I've definitely been weaving!  One project I've been working on is a length of yardage in Bambu 7, a beautiful, 100% bamboo yarn from Cotton Clouds
I plan to enter this in a juried exhibit for Convergence, the biennial, international weaving conference which will be held next July in Long Beach, California.  Thinking about the conference being near the ocean inspired me to choose these seven colors in shades of blue and green.
This was the second time I've used this yarn, and I'm definitely a fan!  It was a pleasure from start to finish.  I love how a warp looks before any weaving begins, when the warp threads wind precisely and evenly over the back beam, and all I see are the pure colors.
When the weaving begins, it's always a pleasure to watch how the colors interact and how they're affected by the weave structure.
This is Summer and Winter, 4 blocks on 4 shafts, threaded 3 blocks in each stripe of color.  The weft rotates two colors at a time, from dark to light,  blues into greens, and back again.

It's difficult to take a photo of three yards of fabric, but the photo below gives a pretty good indication of what the finished fabric looks like.  
If accepted for the exhibit, it will hang in the Long Beach Convention Center during the conference.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Wow!!! That is incredible. So, so beautiful!! Fingers crossed for you. xxoo, Lindsay

  2. This is beautiful! I hope it gets picked in the exhibit!

  3. Is there any chance you could point me to the draft for this weaving? Searching for "Summer and Winter" gets me many blockweaves that don't look at all similar. Thanks!

    1. The draft for this weaving is unpublished, but I designed a set of towels for Handwoven magazine in 2013 that uses the same block set-up and similar color transition:

      The digital version of the issue is $4.00.

      The towels are also available as a kit from Cotton Clouds:

      Happy Weaving!