Friday, June 3, 2011

Weave-Along Eight Harness Turned Twill

My loom is warped and threaded and I'm on my way.  While dressing the loom is not my most favorite part of weaving, there are elements of it I enjoy.  Here you see the warp chains sitting on top of the loom ready to be attached to the back beam.

The warp is six yards long; over 3400 yards sitting there!  I love to see it when it's all piled up like that.  It looks good enough to eat!

Here's the warp wound around the warp beam;
There's something very satisfying about seeing all those threads lined up precisely as they come off the warp beam and go through the heddles and the reed.

I started by weaving the lightest pillow top first:
And detail of the transition between the first and second colors where the two colors alternate for 32 picks.
 So far so good! 

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