Saturday, June 18, 2011

Turned Twill Profile Draft Pillows...Finished!

They're finished!  I'm very pleased with the way my pillows turned out.  The weave structure (turned twill) results in the opposite placement of color on the reverse, so I used it both ways on each pillow.  For example, notice the center square here in the first pillow; it's red on one side, wine on the reverse.

And here, in the second pillow, orange dominates on one side, red on the other.

In the third pillow the two dominant colors are gold on one side, red on the other:

I had a lot of trouble inserting the first zipper, and after tearing it out three times, I looked for an alternative and discovered how to insert an invisible zipper next to the welting.  I can't believe how clean and neat it looks!  The only thing visible along that edge is the pull tab.

Pretty slick!  And I'm very happy with the way the pillows coordinate with a quilt I have over the back of my sofa in the family room.  
Just what I was hoping for!


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  1. Hi Sarah, what a beautiful home you must have.
    I'll have to come see one of these days.

    It's one of those things. We talk about getting together & never do. I'm still working a million hours, but I'm counting down. As of today, I only have one year to go.

    I have an appointment with an ortho for my knees on Tuesday. I may go in for additional surgery. If so, I'll be off work for some time for each knee. I'll let you know.

    Hi to Bill too.
    Hugs to you both.