Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Reconstructed Clothing Workshop

In January I taught a reconstructed clothing workshop for a group of very talented ladies from the weaving guild I belong to.  Everyone made their own version of a tunic I designed, and the results are definitely worth sharing.

 They started out with a wonderful mix of color, texture, and pattern, and then began to arrange and rearrange, determining the central piece, and then developing their ideas for the side panels.


Laurie, Queen of Purple
Helen, working on a mix of soft, creamy greens.

  Pat, working with her favorite palette of orange and violet.

Karen started with an Impressionist-style printed tee shirt, 
letting the colors and textures guide her selection of the other pieces.

    Robal focused on a wonderful mix of Fall colors for her tunic.

           Connie's work-in-progress.  Great mix of steely gray, navy, and black, with a hint of red.

 Susan, working on a mix of Spring and Summer greens.

Pam chose a sequined top for the central focus of her tunic, 
highlighting the teals and purples with the other fabrics she used.

Pat, nearing completion.  Next, the sleeves!

And here is a picture I took in February at our Clothing, Etc. meeting of a few finished projects.  I didn't get pictures of Phyllis and Debbie at the workshop, so I'm glad to have them here!  

Good job, all!  And I'll catch the rest of you later.


  1. Sarah,
    I so badly want to make one of these tunics and have looked everywhere for instructions or a pattern, but found nothing. You said this workshop was based on a tunic you designed. Is there a pattern/instructions? Also, is the tunic made from T-shirts (100% cotton or with some stretch?) and is it possible to make one without using a serger? I'd greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
    Thanks! Joanna

  2. Hi Joanna,

    So glad you like my tunics! I'm sorry there isn't a pattern. (That's the bad news. Keep reading for the good news!) I helped the workshop participants create a tunic based on the articles of clothing they had selected to work with. Each one is a variation of my original, so a specific pattern isn't possible.

    Let me answer your other questions. I use primarily cotton knit t-shirts/tops because the fabric is easy to sew and doesn't need the kind of fitting that woven fabrics require. I don't use a serger, just a narrow zigzag fairly close, but not right next to, the cut edges.

    Have you checked your local library? There are quite a few "how-to" and idea books available. Do a subject search for "recycled" or "reconstructed clothing". The Sweater Chop Shop is one you might find interesting.

    Did you see my March 11, 2011 post about the reconstructed jacket? Altered Couture magazine published my article and instructions for the jacket in the Aug/Sept/Oct 2011 issue. My library carries that magazine, maybe yours does, too.

    Where do you live? I'll be teaching a jacket workshop in Pasadena, CA, in September.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Happy Sewing,