Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reconstructed Jacket

After attending a meeting of the Wearable Art Connection of Southern California last Saturday where I saw an inspiring fashion show, I started looking through my collection of sweaters and tee shirts for reconstructed clothing.   I have a lot of oranges, purples, and reds that just seemed to really want to be made into something.  I chose the colors I wanted to use and started by cutting various lengths of fabric.

Then I laid out the pieces, trying to get an overall balance between the different colors.

I'm  trying to use some of the existing elements of the clothing.  Here you can see a section where I left a button closing intact and am using part of a sweatshirt style pocket.

 Finally, I started sewing them together, wrong sides facing, using a regular zigzag stitch which causes the fabric to ripple and curl in an interesting way.

I love the way this is working!  The back is completely sewn together, and I hope to finish the front tomorrow.