Friday, December 3, 2010

Sari Silk Vest, Part 4

Finally!  I finished stitching the shisha mirrors and fabric squares to my vest, placing them at random on the fronts and the back.

The next step is to cut the lining and make the binding.  For the lining, I may incorporate some of the sari fabric scraps.  I like to make the inside of a garment interesting as well.  For the bias binding I found the perfect color silk; a shade of wine that is just the right accent. 

Following directions in the book, Happy Endings - Finishing the Edges of Your Quilt,  by Mimi Dietrich, I'm going to make continuous cut bias binding.  I've had the book for many years, and it's been a great resource; well illustrated and clearly written instructions.  Bias binding works well in many finishing situations and has a stretch that allows it to turn smoothly around curves, miter edges, and lie perfectly flat along a straight edge.  The method of continuous cut binding allows one to make one long strip of binding by sewing only two seams.  Much easier and more accurate than sewing a lot of separate strips together!

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