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Sharing my knowledge, experience, and expertise gives me an opportunity to encourage other people and inspire them to be confident in their own creative ability. It would be a privilege to share my passion and skills with your guild.

I have the knowledge, experience, and organizational skill to present clearly and effectively. Workshops and programs have produced excellent results. Comments following recent presentations:

  • "Great presentation. Your work is outstanding."
  • "Very professional. You left us wanting more."
  • "Your workshop was both practical and inspiring. And the fashion show was incredible."
I offer a variety of programs and workshops which can be customized to address the interests of individual guilds:
"One Thread at a Time; A Weaver's Journey" is a slide presentation, 1 hour in length, which includes examples of my work and lessons learned along the way. Designed to educate, encourage, inspire, and entertain.
Understanding the Design Process, Fabric to Wear 
Are you intrigued by the idea of designing fabric for garments? This 1 or 3 day workshop will provide a thorough understanding of the design process including in-depth discussion regarding working through decisions about fiber, color, weave structure, and pattern selection. The 3-day workshop is a combination of presentation, discussion, and weaving; it is not a round robin workshop. The 1-day workshop is a combination of presentation and discussion. Participants will complete the workshop with samples (3-day workshop only), the confidence to define design criteria, choose appropriate materials, & successfully translate ideas into garments. 

Color Confidence 
Color is one of the most exciting components of weaving, and… learning to use colors confidently can be challenging. Mixing yarn colors doesn't work like mixing colors with paint, and even experienced professionals with in-depth color knowledge are often surprised by color effects in woven cloth. In these workshops, participants will explore fresh ideas for developing color studies, learn how various weave structures impact color interaction, and understand how to effectively translate color combinations into woven cloth.

Color Confidence is offered in two formats:
3-hour Workshop: 
The primary goal of this workshop is to help students understand how to explore the numerous possibilities for successfully translating color into woven cloth.

3-day Workshop: 
Students will explore color compositions, weave samples in 2 weave structures, and discover fresh ideas for effectively translating color combinations into woven cloth. This workshop is a combination of presentation, discussion, and weaving; it is not a round robin workshop. Students will complete the workshop with a greater understanding of how colors interact in woven cloth. They will know how to sample effectively and how to evaluate ideas for cloth using their sample color combinations. They will leave the workshop with woven samples and confidence in their own creativity and ability to work successfully with color.  
This workshop includes a pre-wound warp (mailed 1 month prior to the workshop) and a selection of over 100 colors of 8/2 cotton for weft. 

Treasures from the Loom
In this 1-day hands-on workshop participants will learn beginning techniques for sewing with handwoven fabric. Techniques include measuring and cutting handwoven fabric, stabilizing cut edges, applying fusible stabilizer, sewing the lining, and installing a zipper. Students will complete the workshop with a small, lined bag. 

Sample is Not a Four-Letter Word! 
Many weavers skip the sampling stage of the design process and miss the potential of ideas revealed only through sampling. Using her handwoven garments as examples, Sarah will illustrate the valuable role sampling plays in the design process while demonstrating that it can be quick …and fun! This 1½ hour workshop will demonstrate how sampling yields critical information regarding sett, color, shrinkage rates, weave structure, and finishing options.

The First Cut is the Deepest 
Fear of the unknown (What if the edges fray uncontrollably or the cloth just falls apart?), indecisiveness (What should I make? How do I choose the right pattern?), or lack of confidence (Doesn't handwoven fabric require expert sewing skills? What if it doesn't fit?), are some of the stumbling blocks that can prevent weavers from discovering the joy of sewing and wearing handwoven clothing. This  ½ day workshop addresses those concerns and gives weavers the information they need to sew their handwoven fabric with confidence.

Go Figure! 
Do you ever …wonder (or panic!) that you won't have enough yarn to finish a project? …cross your fingers in hopes the warp will be long enough after washing? …buy extra thread "just to be sure" you have enough? Take the uncertainty out of determining warp and weft requirements. In this 1½ hour workshop you will learn how to calculate and allow for take-up, shrinkage allowance, loom waste, pattern repeats, and fringe requirements.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information. References will be furnished upon request.
Current Rates* for Programs and Workshops
  • 1-1½ Hour Program $275
  • Mini Workshop (1½ hr) $175 (when combined with program)
  • Half-day Workshop (3 hr) $300
  • Full-day Workshop (6 hr) $450 per day
  • Three-day Workshop (18 hr) $1350
*Other expenses to be covered include: 
Round trip transportation from Orange County. If within driving distance, $.53/mile. 
Any necessary baggage or shipping costs. 
All meals. 
Lodging, generally in the home of a guild member, with private bedroom and bathroom.


  1. Sarah

    I am cochair of the program committee for Desert Weavers & Spinners - who meet in Palm Desert. We have heard wonderful things about your trunk show ... power point presentation and are hoping that you can come to us on the fourth Monday in March of 2014 ... March 24th.

    Paula Durrant -

  2. Hi Sarah - We would like you to come and present your program and a 2 day workshop to the Portland Handweavers Guild. Please contact me with dates you are available between October and May so we can maybe work something out. Thank you - Linda Loken

  3. CNCH 2016 would like to see you come teach for us. Need email contact info to begin the process. Thank you, Stephenie Gaustad

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    2. Hi Stephenie,
      Thank you very much for contacting me. I would love to teach at CNCH! My email is:

  4. The Hawaii Handweavers' Hui would love to have you come to do a 3-day workshop in January 2017 - on both Oahu and Big Island. We need to know your interest ASAP so we can apply for a grant. Please e-mail us at Mahalo!

  5. Sarah, you are scheduled for a workshop in Houston - could you provide a photo of your work to post along with information about the workshop? is our blog url.
    Diane Ferguson