Thursday, September 4, 2014

Study in Greens

Color plays an exciting, vital role in the design process, and learning to use colors confidently can be challenging. In the past few months I've developed a workshop to help weavers explore color compositions and translate them effectively into woven cloth. One of my own recent explorations was in green. Inspired by a collection of photographs, I chose three colors of green, tobacco brown, and gold for warp. I wove the first section of the sample in plain weave and then re-threaded for 4-shaft, 2 block, summer and winter. Complimentary colors and accent colors were used as weft in both samples.

 So interesting to see what a difference the weave structure makes in how the color reads!

Before I started the next sample I had decided to weave fabric for a tote bag that would work well for a carry-on. Above is the second set of samples I wove using only greens in the warp and working to see how I could rotate the same greens in the weft along with a lavenderish taupe and a more purpley color called shale.Below is the fabric I wove for the handles--all green in warp and weft.
Below is a shot of the fabric off the loom alongside the fabric I chose for the lining. 
The woven part of the tote bag is finished, and I'm working on the lining. Yesterday I learned (thanks to a tutorial online) how to install a zippered pocket in the lining. 

More pix to follow when the bag is finished!

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