Sunday, November 13, 2011

Huck Lace in Bambu 7

A major challenge of designing is decision making; placing limits on endless, and sometimes, overwhelming options.  In weaving, that means making choices regarding weave structure, color, and fiber as well as deciding exactly what it is I want to make.

The weaving guild study groups I belong to are a great source of inspiration and are sometimes the place I start to make design choices.  In the Weave Structures study group we are focusing on lace this year, beginning with huck. In the Clothing group we're working on garments made with strips of cloth.  I decided to combine these two studies in designing a vest.  So...two decisions made:  strips of cloth combined with huck.  

In my sample I used Bambu 7 in four soft, lustrous colors combined with Luna ribbon to accent the division between the huck lace and the areas of plain weave.  The light colors are well suited for lace, highlighting the shadows and open structure.  Below is a photo on the loom:
I wove the sample using one color for the warp (smallest cone below) and the other three colors as weft.
While the yarns look very similar on the cones, they took on very distinctive and different hues when woven. 

The finished sample (now a scarf) is below.  On the left is the section woven with the darkest color; combined with the warp, it took on a quite pinkish, putty-like tone.  In the middle is the section woven with a color that revealed itself to have a lot of green in it.  And the piece on the right was woven with creamy white.
While I originally thought I would use all four colors, I decided after sampling to use only two; the creamy white and the greenish white.  Both are especially lovely with the colors in the ribbon. And... I've also decided not to make a vest.  The fabric is too light for a vest but has a wonderful, soft drape that seems perfect for a short-sleeved top. 

Now I need to determine how much yarn I need and place my order with Cotton Clouds!

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