Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Big, Bulky, Burly Spun Shadow Weave Sample

I've been working on samples for shadow weave pillows for Handwoven magazine.  Editor Madelyn van der Hoogt asked if I would try using a heavier-than-usual yarn, so I'm sampling with this very bulky yarn from Brown Sheep called Burly Spun.  The warp and weft setts are only six ends per inch!  I chose a draft with more than ten treadling variations, some of which you see here:
It's so interesting to see how the pattern can change; from a Bargello-like zigzag to diamonds and circles.  I'm planning two pillows so now I have to decide which are my favorites! 
 I've included this photo of some of the yarn (I also sampled this heather grey and charcoal) so you can get an idea of how bulky it is.  One half pound has only 135 yards.  Compare that to 8/2 cotton (which I often use) with over 3300 yards per pound!

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